You Made Them Fly Again


For my midterm in my film photography class, the theme was self-portraits with a focus on our identity. The project didn't have to be portraits of ourselves, but rather portraits of people or photographs that defined our identity. YAY! I thought to myself. This will be part two of my ongoing Identity series. (The original: The Identity Project). Instead of exploring vulnerability like I did in my first project, I wanted to focus on the power of support this time around. 

The Details:

Like I tend to do with most of my projects, I wanted this one to be emotional. I wanted to create a narrative focusing on the power of support and feeling hopeful again. In addition to the photographs, I wanted the project to be a multimedia project including handwritten original poems to emphasize the emotions at play. Since my class is a black and white film class, I had no other choice but to work with black and white photographs. But what better way to evoke emotion, am I right?

Because this project is about identity, I centered this concept around the struggles I am currently facing - my living situation, accepting that I will be a Year 6 student, social anxiety, battling my commitment to school all the while wanting to drop out, and lastly, self-doubt. I wanted this project to be raw and real. To emphasize that, I included the two most influential people in my life currently: my boyfriend, Sean & my roommate, Sarah. I took their photographs, every detail in each photograph depicting something personally symbolic to me. Through my poems, I hope you are able to figure out what each photo represents. (If not, give me a holler, and I can explain EVERYTHING!)

You Made Them Fly Again:

I'll give you one little hint on where to start with this. Bottom to top. Can you try and guess why?



I know it hasn't been easy

But your patience never grew thin

You continued to stand by my side

While the flames in my eyes continued to dim


One by one, connecting the dots

When will the next one arrive?

The bottom or the top, where will it be?

How will I survive?


You show me strength

Outside and within

Little by little and bit by bit

The light is crawling back in 

Sean - Strength.jpeg
Sean - Light.jpeg

My eyes trail the ground

Purpose and drive out of sight

He's instilled in my mind

My capability of flight


Sound of the soul dancing, huh?

You’ve been hiding far too long

When will I hear you laugh again?

How long will this go on?

Sarah - Pain.jpeg
Sarah - Beauty.jpeg

Strife against the one in the mirror

How come you lost sight of her?

Blessings of the mutually supported

Sharpened the perception that was once a blur


Two sympathetics

Tender hearts we hold

Convincing each other

We’re worth more than gold


It doesn’t last forever

This pain will subside

If only my head

And my heart would comply

Sarah - Sympathetics.jpeg
Wings - Take Flight.jpeg

Coincidences, them two

I tried to not need anyone

Determined to fly with my own wings

It’s about time some change begun


When hands of the soft hearts 

Insisted their backing

Outstretched the wings that had fallen

My strength no longer lacking

Wings - Strength.jpeg