About Me



Haley is a photographer, fashion Influencer, and over all content creator who grew up in Northern California. She currently resides in Colorado where she graduated this year from the University of Colorado, Boulder studying Studio Art with an emphasis in photography.  

A Little Bit More...

Interests: art, fashion, fitness, sustainability, cooking/baking, outer space, traveling

Favorites: wild flowers, the color yellow, drinking tea, singing at the top of my lungs, picnics, product design that makes my jaw drop, hearing ocean waves, meaningful quotes that make me reflect really hard for about 20 seconds, eating Nutella off the spoon, mystery novels, and the musical Wicked

Bucket List: to travel outside of the country for the first time, attend a balloon festival, visit Byron Bay, go zip-lining, take a gourmet cooking class, and see the Dolomites