Photo Diary: Utah

For spring break, my friends and I decided to road trip from Boulder, CO to various places around Utah. It was a life-changing trip to say the least. I experienced so many firsts:

  • First vacation I've taken without my mother

  • First time camping since I was a child

  • First time camping with no bathrooms or showers

  • First time seeing the Milky Way with my own eyes

  • Traveling with my boyfriend

  • Climbing a mountain, needing to hold chains the entire time at the top to get to the highest point with 1000ft dropoffs on either side

  • Having a dream I had come true the next day

  • Getting kicked out of a bathroom (apparently you can't brush your teeth in the grocery store in Moab)

  • Going to a hotsprings

  • Just being in Utah

And learned even more things than I ever expected to - information about camping, rocks, outer space, my friends, me.  I understand now how traveling makes you grow and learn more about yourself. It was the very trip I needed - a break from reality and from my own head. I had no service for that entire week unless I was in town & being unplugged was so refreshing. I didn't care what anyone else was doing that whole week. I was too wrapped up in living my life, experiencing this completely out-of-my-comfort-zone moment. And I survived it. Stories may come out later but for now, let me say that this trip will truly, forever have a special place in my heart. Though it was only a week, I feel changed. I can't believe I did what I've been wanting to do for the longest time - find the magic (and courage to get) outside of my comfort zone. Well, I did it. And now I'm ready for more. :)