Painting in the Afternoon

Sarah Yatkowski Paint Palette by Haley Ivers

My Thoughts on Painting

It's really weird - I've never enjoyed the act of painting. Why? Well, if I admit to you the main reason why, you'll roll your eyes. (Okay, fine... I'm not good at it, so it frustrates me.)

When I work with color in art, I rather work with colored pencils. I guess simply because I have a wide range of colors to choose from, I don't have to make the colors. I think it comes down to me not enjoying the effort it takes to make colors and then having to make them again when I run out (or wasting a bunch of paint when I make too much.) It's like looking at the Color panel in Photoshop and having to choose from bajillion and one colors but having to make it instead of just choosing it. Just talking about it overwhelms me. 

With colored pencils, I have the colors right there in front of me to choose from. And from there, if I need a new color, I just layer maybe two or three colors instead of having to mix paint pigment. Plus, I love seeing the layers of colored pencil because it tells a story in a way. It shows the history of the work, how it started and the process until the end. 

With all this being said, my view on other people using paint is totally different. I'm in complete awe seeing the way people use paint to create. How do they do it? I think it takes a really special kind of talent to use paint successfully. And I say successfully subjective, of course. 

It not only takes a wild amount of patience to create the endless, various colors with paint, but it also takes a true understanding of color theory. Like, a TRUE understanding. 

That's where I struggle too. I have a basic understanding but I've never taken the time to practice my color theory knowledge (so no shit using color is hard for me, hahaha.) It blows my mind, though, when I see brilliant color palettes. An overwhelming emotion takes over my body when I see colors paired together so nicely. I'm not being dramatic. When used correctly, color can be so powerful.  

Sarah Yatkowski Painting by Haley Ivers

Lessons Learned

My roommate, Sarah, was painting in my room for one of her class assignments. I couldn't help but just stare at her process, mesmerized by the paint. A little thought popped into my head at that moment: Just because you aren't good at something, Haley, doesn't mean you have to be bitter or jealous of those who are. It's okay to drool over other people's talent while not possessing that talent in any form.

And I know this. I know this. And maybe I feel a little frustration in the depths of my heart because, well, I am just way too hard on myself. I always push myself and push myself to be the best I can at as many things creatively as I can. I want to be talented and can't settle for anything less than that.  It took me a while growing up to accept that I can't always do that, and when I can't, it's okay.  

Washing Paint Brush by Haley Ivers

My Art Inspirations Lately

Because this is an art talk, what good would this post be if I didn't include something for you guys?

I've had to privilege to meet many artists through Instagram and discover wonderful works of art through Pinterest. It blows my mind what kind of talent people, I'm constantly looking at art everyday and left feeling so so inspired. 

So, I wanted to share some people with you guys as well as some art I've discovered that I think would be inspiring to you. 

Artists to Watch:


Ryah Massarweh

Makes fine art using mediums such as watercolor, acrylic, oil, ink & pencil! 

(I'm so proud to have done an art swap with her. I own the original of the first painting below!)



Her work:

Becca Reitz

Rebecca Reitz

Does branding, illustration, web design, graphic design, hand letterings (and more!)

Her work:


Recent Art Inspo

I'm so sad I don't know who the artists are. If you do, please leave a comment below to let me know!!!

Are you an artist?

What medium do you love working in?

What inspires your art?

What is a reoccurring theme in your art?

Paint Palette by Haley Ivers