13 Feminine Overalls To Try This Spring

Urban Outfitters Beige Corduroy Overalls

Getting Ready in the Morning Can Be Hard

Let's face it - having to be somewhere really early in the morning (like school or work) can be REALLY STRESSFUL when you don't have enough to time to pick out a killer outfit. Anyone guilty of wasting like 40 minutes trying on outfits? *raises hand*

Because of this, I usually opt for my classic black adidas pants, a white tee, and a black hoodie when I'm in a rush to get out the door. Can you say boring and over-worn? I can. (Okay, I secretly wear this outfit every week to school and love it, but it definitely doesn't make me look or feel like a million bucks. I feel like 100% comfy though so likeeeeeeeeee..) 

Also, I know it's smart to pick out your outfits beforehand like the night before, but if you're a college student like me, you're probably doing homework until you sleep. Ain't no body got time for that.

The Fix - Overalls

When trying to think of how I could fix this little issue of mine, my thoughts wandered to one-pieces. Rompers, jumpsuits, and low and behold, overalls. 

Out of the three one-pieces I just mentioned, overalls just never go out of style. Additionally, they are so versatile that they can be worn throughout all the seasons. 

A clothing piece that never goes out of style, that works with all seasons, and that doesn't require much effort to style? Sign me up. 

A little side note: Living out here in Boulder, CO for school, I've noticed overalls are a HUGE thing here. Everywhere you look, you see vintage Levi's overalls, thrifted overalls, Free People overalls, and various colors, washes and patterns. People in Boulder LIVE in overalls. This is why I was inspired to buy my very first pair of overalls and I'm so happy about it. 

Urban Outfitters Beige Corduroy Overalls

How To Style Overalls

It is now spring which means the warm weather is teasing us. But don't worry, check out my tips for each season:

Spring: Lightweight long sleeves,  short sleeve cashmere tees, lightweight sweaters

Summer: Tube tops, off the shoulder tops, crop tops (duh!), bralettes, bikini tops

Fall: Short sleeves, lightweight long sleeves, lightweight sweaters, cardigans

Winter: Heavy sweaters, cashmere long sleeves, hoodies, chunky cardigans

13 Feminine Overalls To Try

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Gingham Tie-Strap Overalls by LOVE21  Black/white

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Urban Outfitters: Beige Corduroys

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Urban Outfitters Beige Corduroy Overalls
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Cherry Blossoms in Overalls
Urban Outfitters Beige Corduroy Overalls & Everlane Booties


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