Heart Eyes for Eyelet

Haley Ivers Urban Outfitters Eyelet Ruffle Top

I've always been drawn to white tops (aren't we all though?) I mean they're classic, go with absolutely everything, and you can always rely on them. After all, they are staples.

Honestly, I've never met a white top I didn't like. 

However, as I've been getting more into fashion this past year, one thing I've been trying to learn is how to transform my basics into something more. Like, how can I make an outfit with a white top turn heads? I surely can't do that with a basic white tee.

Haley Ivers Urban Outfitters Eyelet Ruffle White Top, Denim on Denim, Vintage Levi Denim, Bay Area Graphic Design

I started turning toward texture to help me answer my question. 

Not only does texture add this visual appeal, but it's also a stepping stone for becoming more comfortable when branching out of what you'd normally purchase for yourself. 

What's also neat is that when you pair a textured top with other basic elements, such as a beige hat and Levi denim shorts, all of a sudden, everything else doesn't look so basic anymore either. 

shark fin cove haley ivers

Listen - we don't want to be #basic. That is not our middle name.

And guess what isn't basic? Eyelet tops. I've been obsessing over eyelet tops lately. I think it's maybe because I've been getting more in touch with my feminine side. (I mean jeeeez, I never used to dress as girly as I do now, believe it or not!) But anyhoo, eyelet is so me. And it will be so you, too.

Urban Outfitters Eyelet Ruffle White Top

If you haven't tried on this style before, I strongly urge you too! Not only is it feminine, but it's so boho (big plus) and it's such photogenic material. 

Haley Ivers White Lace Soludos

Outfit Details

eyelet top (sold out!) // beige hat // denim shorts // shoes (sold out!)

vintage Levi denim jacket // necklace

Haley Ivers Urban Outfitters Eyelet Ruffle White Top

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