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Forever 21 Crochet Bikini

Crushing on Crochet

Contrary to belief, apparently, I think crochet bikinis are extremely feminine, delicate, and not slutty at all. Crochet has such a handmade feel to it, crafted with such care, dedication and warmth. And even though I know most bikinis like this are machine-made, I still get that feeling that they are made with hands who had a specific person in mind when the pieces were being made. Okay, I get it, maybe I fantasize too much, but hey I'm just trying to explain why I love crochet so much. I also do have a deep appreciation and bias standpoint for crochet in general because I know how to do it. (Have you ever tried to do it, by the way? For anyone who loves creating and using their hands, I highly recommend it!)

Forever 21 Crochet Bikini

I've never had a collection of bikinis and swimsuits growing up, and to be fair, I still don't. I own probably two sets of bikinis and then just have random, outdated, mismatched tops and bottoms. (Forreal, what kind of California fashion blogger am I?!) I figured, you know what, it's summer, I'm back in California, and it's time I actually own a swimsuit that I feel good in. I didn't want to buy a $200 bikini set because that's outrageous and I would never recommend you to spend that kind of money on a bikini either. I get that material is super important but so is not spending your month's disposable income on a teeny tiny bikini.

Forever 21 Crochet Bikini

So I went to Forever 21's site to see what they had going on. I think Forever 21 is super affordable and the quality of their clothing has definitely gotten better since I started shopping there in high school. And you already know that they seriously have everything in the that store. So I stumbled upon this crochet bikini and I immediately fell in love - the crochet, the high waist, the color (that brings out my eyes!)...yeah it was a special moment for me. 


My Recommendations:

What bikinis have you been loving this summer? Where do you buy them? I'm looking for recommendations :) 

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