Gluten Free Pancakes

gluten free vegan pancakes

Hey guys :) It's been a while since I did anything food related on here. 

After I made breakfast the other day, I thought it would be great to add more to this category.

Some of you may know that I was gluten free and vegan for a couple months. I'm not anymore but I still enjoy cooking gluten free and vegan meals because, I mean, why not if they're good?

One breakfast I would always find myself turning to are these pancakes. I didn't really like the ingredients that were in the ones at the grocery store (they had a lot of chemicals and preservatives and I wasn't really about that) so I decided to make my own little recipe.

I found a fair share of this kind of recipe with these ingredients (some more, some less), but I adapted it to my liking and I wanted to share it with you incase you have a gluten free diet or vegan diet. Or if you'd like to try pancakes that aren't traditional, fluffy, buttermilk pancakes. 


P.S. Let me know what you think of my illustration! Do we like this style? Should I continue my recipes to look like what I did below?

gluten free pancakes recipe and illustration

The recipe for the cashew cream is from my mom who adapted it from her sister-in-law. I haven't tried any that are on Pinterest, so I can't recommend any of those yet, but I encourage you to try one out! I unfortunately don't know the recipe my mom makes!

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