15 Things To Do in Santa Fe, NM


Santa Fe is a darling city in New Mexico filled with picturesque, pueblo-style architecture, artistic soul, unique boutiques, twisting streets, and food that will make you come back for more. I absolutely love this little city and highly recommend coming here for a little get-away.


What To Do

The Plaza

Governor's Palace Strip

This is a fun, outdoor strip of vendors selling a variety of turquoise and silver handmade jewelry, money clips, hair ties, bookmarks, guitar picks, and more! I still have vivid memories of when I visited the strip when I was 9 years old. It's still as amazing as I remembered!


sun country traders & sissel's fine quality indian jewelry

I went to both of these stores and purchased wonderful handmade silver and turquoise earrings. I'm absolutely obsessed with the two pairs I bought!!! Both of these stores have a variety of jewelry, pottery, belts, and accessories which are very reasonably priced.

Ten Thousand Waves Spa

This is hands-down, the coolest spa I have ever been to! My mom and I treated ourselves to a premium private tub called New Wave. It has an outdoor hot tub, a little cold tub, underwater benches, an underwater recliner, a waterfall, and a sauna. We then both got 80-minute massages in a private room which were amazing.

Meow Wolf

OH MY GOD, THIS PLACE IS A DREAM COME TRUE. It's an art installation exhibit that is immersive and interactive and explores a mysterious narrative all the while being in a fantasy. It's like Alice in Wonderland meets a different dimension while connecting clues to figure out what happened. One could spend hours in this place. The whole exhibit has so many different rooms and portals (make sure to go through the refrigerator, fireplace and drying machine into other dimensions!) Some interactive pieces include banging luminescent dinosaur bones to make music or sticking your fingers under light beams to create words. Others include looking through the family's old photos and letters to get an idea of what really happened.

If anything, go to Meow Wolf. You'll be blown away.

Rancho Encantada

This is the Four Seasons in Santa Fe and is secluded toward the mountains. I loved coming here to watch the sunset and visit the cool teepee I discovered. Definitely pay a visit here to just look around and if you're a blogger, snap a pic in front of that teepee! #instaworthy

Other things to do:


Design Warehouse

Canyon Road


Where To Eat

Tia Sophia's (#1 Recommendation!)

I'm utterly obsessed and in love with the food. I don't even know where to begin with Tia Sophia's. I ate there three times during my short vacation and always left the restaurant craving more. I'm still craving it back here in California.

I'm not a spicy person and I tried their red chili sauce and actually loved it! It has so much flavor and depth and it pairs wonderfully with all the food that they have. 

My recommendations:

Tamales - My absolute favorite dish they have available. The flavors are endless, so authentic, and hands down the best tamales I have ever eaten in my life. I ate them with red sauce, guacamole and sour cream which I highly recommend!

Breakfast Burrito -  My second favorite dish. I was shocked by how delicious their breakfast burrito was. I swear, I make breakfast burritos with the same ingredients but there's is utter perfection and nothing compared to my mediocre ones. I had ham, potatoes, and egg topped with cheese, red chili sauce, and sour cream.

Omelet -  My third favorite dish was their breakfast omelet (I recreated it this morning actually!) I ordered the ham, cheese, and guacamole omelet and ate it on buttered toast. I shared the dish with my mom and it was the most perfect proportion for a filling breakfast.

I hate myself for not having my camera with me the three times I went there, but I did snap a photo on my iPhone of the tamales because I had to have you guys drool over this...


Rancho de Chimayó

This restaurant was so delicious and it was so peaceful eating an early dinner outside in the back patio. We went around 4pm which was ideal because it wasn't busy, service was fast, and we could eat without the loud murmurs of other people. What I loved the most was actually talking to our waiter in Spanish and learning more Spanish words from her. 

My recommendations:

Fajita Wrap - Marinated steak, cheese, sauteed bell peppers and onions, with sour cream, guacamole and beans. 

Chicken Fajita Salad - Flour tortilla bowl, fresh salad greens, cheese, sauteed bell peppers and onions, sour cream, guacamole, and choice of dressing.

Chili Rellenos -  Green chile stuffey jack cheese and fried, served with vegetarian green chile and Spanish rice.

Sopapillas - THESE ARE TO DIE FOR. Eat with honey :)

Natilla - Vanilla custard, whipped cream, a crisp cookie roll, and cinnamon - AMAZING.

Sky Coffee

This is an adorable little spot to get a coffee in the Railyard district. The location is very secluded and when I went, there was literally nobody in sight which made the visit very enjoyable. The interior is so cute too and it was so amazing to see them support Pride Week!

My recommendations:

Chai Tea - It was so good - not too much spice and perfectly sweetened.

Iced Coffee (what my mom got) - I don't drink coffee but she said she loved it!

Other places:

La Lecheria

The Teahouse

The Shed


Where To Stay

I stayed in a cozy, 2-bedroom place on Arroyo Tenario. It had an open kitchen and living room area, two bathrooms, and a cute enclosed patio. It was beautifully decorated with Santa Fe style furniture and art. It is located in an adorable neighborhood that is walking distance from The Plaza.


Have you guys ever visited Santa Fe?

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