5 Micro Fashion Influencers You Should Be Following

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Haley, who inspires you?

I get a lot of questions about who I'm inspired by. And this is a hard question because you guys know I'm a lover and appreciator of all things and people and find inspiration in every tiny little thing that this universe has to offer. Seriously...life inspires me every single damn day.

It's really hard to just pinpoint certain people who inspire me because the list is endless. Everyone has something, or multiple things, to offer in my eyes. It's actually really overwhelming for me sometimes haha. 

I thought it would be helpful to start a little series featuring people who inspire me. I want to make these super specific categories and keep them short because I want you to focus your attention on the people I write about. I want you to dive into their worlds in hopes that you could be as inspired by them as I am.

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The Influencers

Today's post is about micro fashion influencers because I think it's really important to shed light on up-and-coming women. And plus, I love them and get so much fashion inspiration from them. I thought they would be an amazing start to kick off this series. 

@elizabethshuai  -  1,811 followers

Elizabeth, first off, is such a kind and funny human and so relatable (peep her Insta stories and I bet you'll come back for more.) What I love most about her fashion is that she really knows how to work with basics to make a really elevated, well-put-together, refined minimalist outfit. In fact, there's nothing basic about her outfits at all. I love when she wears jeans and a white tee and pairs the outfit with hoops and a colored handkerchief.  Another outfit you can spot her in is classic black booties, crop bootcut black jeans, a black turtleneck and a check patterned grey blazer. Oh, and with hoop earrings of course.

Her outfits are the kinds of outfits you would pin on Pinterest for fashion inspiration for all the season. Just a little heads up, I'd keep close tabs on her autumn and winter style.

You don't need to be decked out in a million different colors and textures from head to toe to make a statement with your clothing. Just look at her photos and you will see how powerful her outfits are and how they will make you want to immediately recreate them.

Check out her blog here!

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@Kris_Imber  -  2,483 followers

I discovered Kris a while ago and fell in love with her style. She's all about ethical fashion and thrifting, further emphasizing the importance of slow and reusable fashion pieces. If I were to compare her style to a brand, I would say it would be Madewell. Reoccurring elements in her outfits include high waisted, neutral colored (denim, jungle green, rich brown) pants/bottoms, button down short sleeve shirts tucked in, and tan heeled-slides. She is also a great example of how to style simpler clothing pieces to create a turn-your-head look. I've gathered a lot of inspiration from her in her use of color and layering, for autumn fashion especially. Her style reminds me of a woman who would love to go out to buy a bouquet of flowers from the farmer's market and enjoy a cup of coffee in a minimalistic, cozy cafe. Hahah that may be a weird remark but that's the vibe I get!

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@kammi.boheme  -  12.2K Followers

Kammi is a bohemian babe who also focuses her fashion consumption on slow and ethically made clothing. When I think of Kammi, I think of white linen and if you know of her too, you can probably agree with me. She has the most gorgeous collections of white and neutral colored linen and her Instagram is flooded with all the versatile ways to create outfits with the pieces she owns. Her color palette goes as follows: white, ivory, beige, sand, tan, blush, and rust. I bet you're already drooling. She's opened my eyes to be more aware of the clothing I purchase and the importance of supporting ethically made clothing, even if it is more expensive. If you ever need suggestions or brands to check out, she tags everything in her photos and she's been super helpful when I've asked her about steps to take toward a more mindful lifestyle.

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@ryannenicolee  -  20.8k followers

I've become utterly obsessed with Ryanne's style and she knows it too, haha. She rocks a lot of neutral colors (I think I see a trend happening here..) and knows how to embrace her femininity with flowy garments, short and long skirts, and silky pants. She's definitely got that beachy, West Coast girl vibe. You can often find a lot of white in her wardrobe as well as stripes and you can find her often rocking a low or high bun. My absolute favorite outfit she recently put together was a cowl neck, slouchy sweater tucked into a midi, small sized polka dot skirt with black boots. I've seriously saved so many sweater and skirt combos now all because of her. I'm swooooooning over this look and really hope to recreate it as much as I can for the fall.  

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@butwhatshouldiwear  -  24.8K Followers

First off, Allison is the person who exposed me and got me into fashion blogging so I owe a lot to her. I also owe her a lot for always being someone I can look up to and ask for guidance when I need it. Alright, on to her style! She also has a SoCal, West Coast, beachy, feminine style. Her outfits have definitely helped me channel my inner femininity and embrace my girly side. You can always spot her in the trendiest clothing, ranging from lots of dresses, adorable bikinis, and shirts with flowy sleeves paired with classic denim jeans. What I love about her photos too is that she usually always uploads carousels of her outfit rather than just one photo of it. That way, we really get to see the outfit in different angles and get a taste of what she did that day in her outfit. 

Her blog: But What Should I Wear


You guys get to decide! Leave a comment down below or DM me on Instagram! Much love to you all and hope you're excited about this new series!