Striped Pants FTW

Striped H&M Pants - Haley Ivers

black crop top // striped pants

If it's one thing you should know about my style, it's that I love me a good pair of funky pants.

Specifically, striped pants are what my eyes have been drawn to lately. Either stripes all over or a single stripe down each leg - OH. YEAH.

What I love most about striped pants is that they make me look like I've got mile-long legs, which I definitely don't. I'm only 5'5. But when I have these on, I can at least pretend I'm as tall as the Eiffel Tower. And then when I add heels, oh man, it's like I'm towering over everyone. New heights are something I could definitely get used to. (This sounds like a segway to a really emotional post about finally achieving my dreams and goals in life... I hate to disappoint, but I'm gonna continue talking about pants now...)

scared of these bold pants? don't be.

If you're in the market to transform and elevate your style, but still want to be in your comfort zone because you aren't that bold yet, I say start by switching up your pants instead of your tops.

I feel like when we stick to the tops we are used to, we have this security about how we look from the waist up. And it's true! I also think this security should allow us to let loose a little on the bottoms because they aren't directly situated below our face. 

I always found that I felt amazing in tight tops, whether it's a crop top, just a tank, or tube top. And they're usually always basics, like solid white or black. While those colors are timeless, I felt like it was time to take a dare and really stand out.

I wanted to feel confident while making this bold move. So I first wore a top I was super confident in and then I picked out a funky pair of pants that were appealing to me. A pair of pants that could catch anyone's eye from a mile away. A pair of pants that would make everyone say "Omg I love your pants" because they are just so damn unique and out there

Striped H&M Pants - Haley Ivers

how do I accessorize?

For this look, I wanted to be a little excessive with dainty gold jewelry. I love a lil (a lotta) bling bling. But I didn't want the jewelry to steal the show, which is why I stuck with layering dainty pieces.

For my fingers, I wore extremely thin gold bands on my ring, middle, and pointer fingers (mine were custom made, but you can find similar ones here!) On my right hand, I wore my Cartier wedding band ring.

For earrings, I wore a pair of little gold diamond earrings (I got them at a flea market, but these are similar!) I wore medium/large gold hoops in my ears too (you could get them for a cheaper price here.)

For my necklaces, I wore this dainty choker, a small Tiffany's diamond necklace, and my new favorite sunburst necklace from Dogeared! 

Dogeared Necklace, Tiffany's and Co Necklace, Gorjana Choker

Also, just FYI, I bought myself an iPad Pro which is why this post looks different than all of my others! Please let me know what you think of this style! I'm so pumped to add more stylistic elements to my blog posts and newsletters - I just want to be different from everyone else and have my originality shine through my new style! Hope you like it :)

Would you ever

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bold striped pants?