Guide: Boulder County Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market Information

W H A T: 

A nonprofit organization operating producer-only farmers markets in Colorado since 1987. Their mission is to support, promote and expand local agriculture, making fresh products accessible to the community and strengthen relationships between local food producers and food consumers.


W H E R E:

On 13th Street, between Arapahoe and Canyon in Boulder, CO


W H E N:

Saturdays 8am-2pm (April 7-November 17)

Wednesdays 4pm-8pm (May 2-October 3)


W E B S I T E: 

Why I Love Boulder County Farmer's Market

If you're not familiar with Boulder, to put it simply, it's a town that's environmentally friendly, loves and supports local production, is passionate about the outdoors, and is trendy af. And all these elements tie into the farmer's market here, along with many others. 


The location is perfect - it's situated between CU Boulder campus and Pearl Street, just next to the Boulder Creek. There's also a lovely grass field right next to the market that locals love to relax at with their blankets and dogs, hammocks, and/or slacklines, and obviously yummy food and a good book. Because Boulder is such a small town, walking to the market usually takes no longer than 5-15 minutes. 

Variety of Stands

The stands usually consist of many vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes, asparagus, etc), veggie plants and succulents, bread and baked goods, salsa and chips, honey, coffee, gelato, chocolate, and more! My favorite things to get are tomatoes, bags of lettuce, and yummy bread!

Food / Drinks

Along with the stands, there is also a section at the market that has prepared foods and drinks, a shaded seating area in the center, and usually live music. Be sure to try the Mojito tea - it's my personal fave!


The pricing of things is completely subjective. If you're an adult/parent/established, the pricing is your typical farmer's market pricing. If you're a college student, keep in mind that you might only want to buy something really special for yourself, because it is a bit expensive. (I bought a large tomato for $4 and that's it this time, but I know that tomato is going to be the best damn tomato I've ever eaten.)


I love that this market has samples - as every market should. Not all stands do, but definitely be sure to check out the stands that are selling salsas, spreads, sauces, jams, etc. They're tasty - trust me!

Photo Diary:

My Day at the Farmer's Market + More

My roommate, Sarah, and I walked down to the farmer's market through Goss Grove. If you've never wandered around this adorable neighborhood, I highly suggest you do! Flowers are blooming everywhere, happy doggies are prancing around left and right, and the houses are straight up ADORABLE. We stopped in front of one house that was filled with dandelions and obvi had to take some photos and make some wishes.

A few minutes later, we reached the market. To our surprise, it wasn't crowded at all, which was really nice because sometimes it's just bumper to bumper human traffic. We went around dinner time, so it figures it wasn't too busy. 

Like mentioned before, I ended up buying a tomato (one of those yummy, huge, yellow ones!) Sarah ended up buying some delicious bread called Millabrød.

Naturally, my eyes were on the pastries - no surprise there. This stand had amazing favor combinations - blueberry basil, raspberry almond, and chocolate tahini. 

farmers market pastries basil blueberry tarte

After the market, we walked toward the Boulder Creek - low and behold, more dandelions. I was dressed like a picnic tablecloth so I only found it fitting to take some photos in ~da nature~. 

P.S. Jumpsuit is from Forever21.

We walked east toward a playground beside the creek before going back home. Have to always let that inner child play a little, am I right?

We had such a lovely day and I hope you do too when you visit the Boulder County Farmer's Market. Hope you enjoyed this little farmer's market guide + the day's photo diary!

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