Birthday Celebrations

Happy birthday to my dear aunt, JJ.

On the Sunday before my aunt's birthday, her, my mom and I drove down HWY 1 to Pescadero to spend a day at the beach for an early birthday celebration. An umbrella, chairs, cooler, a blanket, cookies and a football in hand, we made our way across the sand to a perfectly cozy little spot. We set things up and took a moment to breath in the salty air. 

We took a stroll down to the end of the shore where we skipped stones, discovered driftwood forts, and came across a duck that let us stand a little less than a foot away from it. 

When we came back to our little spot, we were starving. Time for some delicious and healthy food (plus a whole bag of cookies! Oops!) We spent the rest of our time sunbathing, reading magazines, laughing, chatting and eventually ended our 6 hour picnic throwing a football between us all. I can't really explain how special this day was to me personally. I was with the two adults I love the most, spending time and relaxing together on a beautiful, sunny day on the beach. Celebrating JJ - celebrating friendship and family.