Basil Pink Lemonade Green Tea

There's nothing I like more than a refreshing drink on a hot summer's day. (A hot 90 degree summer's day, to be exact.) As I was roaming around Trader Joe's, I came across these pink lemons. Yeah, you heard me. Pink lemons. I stopped in my tracks in awe...I didn't think pink lemons existed! I immediately knew I had to get them. I rushed to the kitchen as soon as I got home out of pure excitement to see and to taste these things.

I was eager for a delicious drink. 

I knew I wanted to make lemonade, but I didn't want to just make plain old lemonade even if it was pink. Basil is always a savory additive that I like throwing into my sweet concoctions, so I thought of adding that. But what else could I do? My mind began to roam and I finally thought of adding green tea, because let's be real, tea time is all the time. Pink lemons, basil, and green tea. I think that'll do it! 


- 3 pink lemons

- 8 oz organic green tea (I got mine at Trader Joe's!)

- 3 big basil leaves, chopped or sliced

- ice

- optional: added sweetener (honey, agave, sugar)

Instructions: Juice the lemons and pour the juice into a large cup (don't forget to take the seeds out!) Heat up 8 oz of green tea and add into the lemonade. Throw in chopped or sliced fresh basil and ice cubes and you're ready to roll! Added sugar might be necessary if the lemonade is too sour or tart. Since I try and stay away from using too much sugar, I diluted my lemonade with more water first.