Travel Essentials for a Long Flight

Today's post is really special because it's my first guest post!

My friend Riley, a travel-lover and blogger, will be sharing her travel essentials for long flights. (She's worth reading, trust me.) I also included my number one must-have at the bottom of the list. It's artsy related, btw. Anyway, hope you enjoy this post!!

P.S. Check out my blog post on her blog about how to stay healthy while traveling!

Alright, let's get started! 

Riley //

1. Neck Pillow

The airlines really do try to make you comfortable with pillows and blankets but they miss the mark.
Whether I’m going on a road trip, an hour long flight, or a 10 hour flight, I never travel without my neck
pillow. It makes getting comfortable much easier so that the time flies by.


2. Wireless Beats

As nice as the smaller earbuds are, they kill my ears after a few hours and I’ve been known to listen to music for a full 9-hour flight. Not only do these not hurt your ears but they’re also wireless so you can get up and stretch your legs without worrying about the hassle of the cord. The only downside to these babies is that if there is on board entertainment aka movies for days, you’ll have to have some old school headphones.


3. Snacks

Most flights will give you meals and while they’re pretty tasty, chances are you’re going to want a snack. While buying some at the airport is always an option, it can be a lot cheaper to buy them at a grocery store and pack them in your carry on.

My picks: Gardetto's, Peanut M&Ms, and Cliff Bars 

Haley's picks: Trader Joe's Organic Sesame Seed Coconut Clusters, apples and peanut butter, dried mango, Costco Organic Sunrise Granola Bars


4. Eye Mask

Eye masks are my savior on international flights. One of the best ways to fight jet lag is to sleep on the flights over so that when you get in, you’re peppy and ready to go. But let’s be honest, while most of the plane will sleep, there’s always that one guy that wants to keep his light and window open so that the whole plane is bright. This is where the eye mask comes in.


5. A Good Book

I love a good book and a long flight is the perfect time to read one. In fact, on my flight home from Europe this month, I started and finished a book. There’s something about the peace you’ll find on the plane ride.

My pick: Woman in the Window

Haley's picks: The Good Girl, Still Missing and/or Burying the Honeysuckle Girls.


6. Water

Speaking of food and drink, bring an empty water bottle and fill it up once you get past security or buy a water bottle near your gate. While they bring you drinks often, you’ll want a lot more water throughout the flight.


7. Change of Clothes

My go-to outfit for a long flight is sweats and a t-shirt and while that is comfortable and makes a long flight much easier, packing a change of clothes will help you feel refreshed when you land but it’ll also allow you to be ready to go when you want to start sight-seeing.


Haley stepping in here! 

I wanted to share with you one last travel essential!

8. Journal and Micron Pens

I guess this is pretty personal, but as an artist, I always need to have paper and pens on me at all times. I find that being in the air is a time to really get into your thoughts and your ideas because, well, you're kind of stuck on that plane. And plane time doesn't have to be unproductive. 

I always have window seats and constantly find myself staring out above the clouds, pondering creative ideas. I surprisingly get a lot of ideas by just starting out of that window. The world inspires me, what can I say?

A journal and pens come in handy because I can jot down those ideas the moment they pop up into my head. I can also do some sketches if I come up with a concept because I know I won't be able to remember if if I don't. Also, because I have the time, sometimes I full on create drawings or lay out ideas step-by-step, start to finish.



Guest Blogger:

Riley Schnepf

Travel + Lifestyle


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I'm always looking to try new thingS!

What are some of your travel essentials for a long flight?

Also, in case anyone was curious about the illustrations, they were done by me :) I'm hoping to add more of these little elements into my blog posts - let me know what you think of them!